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Luxurious Candle Warm Oil Massage

Our unique Massage oil Candle are special natural plant waxes. Jojoba oil is included to enhance the tactile, luxurious and sensual feel to worn wax massage. Smooth away the years with the visible different of this new delightful & rejuvenating warm massage.   90-minute session:  HK$ 750 120-minute session:  HK$ 950...
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Aromatherapy Warm Oil Massage

Popular aroma warm oil massage uses the same techniques as regular oil massage but with warm oil. This increases the effect of this massage, creating a more pleasant massage than with regular oil. Worm aromatic oils combined with full palm techniques and gliding strokes over the body help to release natural endorphin, increase circulation and...
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Sports Massage

Back & Shoulder Energy Relieve aches and tension in the back and shoulders with this medium-to-strong pressure massage. Shoulder & Upper arms soother This gentle massage is tailored to relieve aches and tension in the shoulders and upper arms Clear Headed, Neck & Shoulders After a hard day work, clear your mind with this head mass age to help you...
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